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The Instant Critic puts up the guardrails

Welcome, fellow film enthusiasts!

In case you missed the last post, I offered some thoughts on a faith-house film and a made-for-TV special.

This week, I’m taking a step in the other direction. I’m going to list a film on Netflix that I believe should be absolutely avoided!

LIMITLESS (PG-13, 104 minutes – featuring Bradley Cooper)

Limitless really should not have be on this list. The film hosts an intriguing premise, a likable star, a stylish director and some keen cinematography. As this film develops, the reasons for its detestability come into play.

Cooper’s character, a troubled writer who finds solace in a mind-enhancing pill, could not have been more unlikable. Instead of clinging to a wire-thin moral base, our “hero” cavorts around in his misdoings, escaping every turn with his magical helper NZT (the “clever” pill name). His character devolves from a sketchy author to a flat out criminal.

Yes, his misdemeanors with the NZT do get him involved with gangsters, bad businessmen and the police. The implausibility of his many narrow escapes slaps the viewing audience right in the face.

I really do like Cooper, but any attempts to humanize the lead lose their effectiveness by film’s end.

Other than a terrible anchor, the film stomps through sewage of genre clichés and stock supporting roles. There is nothing new or fresh about Limitless despite what the premise might entail.

Limitless is a soulless celebration of scumbags hindered by a terribly written lead character.

Well, that was disheartening!

What say you? Have you seen this film? Care to disagree? Let me know in the comments section.

As always, the lines are open for a request or two. Leave them in the comment section as well!

Next week, I will pick up my boots out of the mud and return to the wonder world of good cinema.

Until then, may your popcorn be fresh and your movie better than Limitless.

The Instant Critic